FAQS About Addiction Treatment and Recovery

Hope In The Valley delivers empathetic and tailored care to individuals facing challenges with drug and alcohol dependencies, guiding them toward a renewed life in recovery. Recognizing addiction as a treatable disease with the potential for recovery, we approach each individual with compassion and respect. Our healing-oriented environment is crafted to empower your recovery journey. Operating under the disease model of addiction, our adept and fully licensed clinical team collaborates with patients and their families to formulate a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan aimed at achieving successful outcomes.

Contact our Admissions Team at any hour, any day, to initiate the admissions process with a
local Specialist. The Admissions team will conduct a confidential assessment to ascertain the
suitable level of care and collaborate with you on a treatment referral. Your specialist will also
coordinate with you to arrange the scheduling of your admission at Hope In The Valley.

Each individual’s unique needs guide the customization of their treatment. A comprehensive clinical assessment and medical evaluation dictate the duration of the recommended treatment. Viewing treatment as a continuum of care is beneficial. The initial stage involves detoxification, typically lasting a few days. Subsequently, the IOP/or PHP stage follows. The third stage, continuing care, extends for as long as required based on your recovery plan.

Following the treatment journey, Hope In The Valley offers continuous support, equipping you with essential tools and proven strategies to flourish in your recovery. It is strongly advised by Hope In The Valley to actively participate in our 12 Step program upon completing the treatment for sustained engagement in your recovery journey.

While federal law doesn’t mandate disclosure of the specifics about your treatment needs to your employer, state laws might necessitate specific forms of communication. It’s crucial to determine if your employer offers a confidential Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which is designed to assist employees seeking treatment for addiction.

Incorporating family into the treatment process enhances the likelihood of achieving a  successful and enduring recovery. We strongly advocate for family involvement in the  treatment. Please contact us to inquire about specific visitation policies, as they may vary.